What Citizens Are Saying

Word is spreading out about the campaign and here’s a small selection of what consumers are telling us.

“We agree that it is the right for every citizen to be allowed to freely choose to receive statements, invoices, governmental communications and other such communications by physical post.” – Russell from UK

“I just like the idea that every customer should have the choice of how he wants to receive information. For example my parents do not have internet access and will not have until the end of their life.” – Christian from Germany

“Paper communication is personal, pleasant, focused and environmentally sustainable. Many receivers of e-documents print those anyway. To receive information in the way the receiver prefers should be an individual choice and a right of the consumer.” – Martin from Belgium

“I strongly disagree with the coercive ways that utilities and many insurance companies, etc. are attempting to coerce customers into getting online billing by offering discounts or have this service available only to those who chose the printed option. This practice discriminates against many deprived groups and all consumers who are entitled to a full choice of communications channels.” – Donal, from Dublin, Ireland

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