Retail woes as Belgian goes into 2nd lockdown

As Belgium enters its second 6-week lockdown starting from 2 November 2020, the Belgian government encouraged local merchants to come up with their own solutions to continue their trade.

Le Soir spoke to a few small local businesses, publishing their concerns about the push to go digital.  They drew attention to a digital knowledge gap. Acquiring the right digital skills and tools to maintain a website and a growing number of social media pages to reach out to customers beyond closed doors cannot happen overnight.  In addition, these businesses are expected to compete with large, well established digital platforms. 

With Christmas approaching and the pandemic taking its toll, many local brick-and-mortar shops are sceptical about the future. As we emerge from this crisis, how will the retail landscape have changed and what effects will this ultimately have on consumer choice?

 The right to choose

As a consumer rights campaign, Keep Me Posted EU supports the fundamental right of every citizen to choose how they want to receive important information – such as tax forms, election documents, bank statements or bills.  Consumers are then empowered to adapt quickly to the new normal and focus on the right priorities for a better Europe.  Giving consumers the choice will ensure that nobody gets left behind or is disadvantaged.

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