‘Rediscovering books’ during a lockdown

It is refreshing to see that in some countries, like the UK and Ireland, more books are being sold due to the pandemic and the effects of lockdowns.  Bloomsbury UK reported a significant rise in print and e-book revenues from February to August, with other booksellers also reporting similar growth. 

While many people appreciate the sensory stimulation of printed books, others choose  e-books.  Whatever your preference, reading is a healthy pastime for all ages when confined at home – books keep us all entertained and informed. Even in challenging times, we must continue to be empowered to choose between paper or digital

Have you read a book lately? What did you choose?


 The right to choose

As a consumer rights campaign, Keep Me Posted EU supports the fundamental right of every citizen to choose how they want to receive important information – such as tax forms, election documents, bank statements or bills.  Consumers are then empowered to adapt quickly to the new normal and focus on the right priorities for a better Europe.  Giving consumers the choice will ensure that nobody gets left behind or is disadvantaged.

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