Have your say on the New Consumer Agenda

Consumers today live in disruptive times. EU Citizens are faced with a multitude of challenges: from climate change, accelerated digitalisation and an ageing society, to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. Hence, all eyes are on the ‘New Consumer Agenda’ which falls under the Commission’s second priority aiming for ‘a Europe fit for the digital age’. A revision to the current Consumer Agenda will take into consideration many current and new issues. The New Consumer Agenda will be a key piece of European legislation, so we welcome this consultation and hope to see the right to choose recognised.

Have your say

On 30 June, the European Commission launched an EU-wide open public consultation on the new European consumer policy for the ‘New Consumer Agenda’. The consultation will gather valuable insights for the setting up of the New Consumer Agenda that the European Commission intends to adopt by the end of 2020.

Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said: “The shift of many consumer activities online, the climate change effects, and most recently the coronavirus pandemic have emphasized the need for a fresh look at the key challenges facing consumers and the best way to tackling them. European citizens and businesses alike need a consumer policy that reflects the widespread attention to sustainability, the use of digital technologies on a massive scale, and the unprecedented globalization of consumer markets. This is why I encourage citizens, companies, consumer organisations and lawmakers to make their voices heard.”

The New Consumer Agenda will set out the main consumer policy priorities in the EU for the years to come. It will aim to update EU consumer policy in key areas: tackling the new challenges brought by digitalisation, the rising importance of environmental issues, the increased need of international cooperation, the issue of proper enforcement of consumer rights, and protecting vulnerable consumers. It will also draw lessons from and take into account the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

To achieve its goals, the New Consumer Agenda will propose an intensified cooperation between the Commission and the EU Member States as well as with key stakeholders, including consumer organisations and businesses. 

The right to choose

As a consumer rights campaign, Keep Me Posted EU supports the fundamental right of every citizen to choose how they want to receive important information – such as tax forms, election documents, bank statements or bills.  Consumers are then empowered to adapt quickly to the new normal and focus on the right priorities for a better Europe.  Giving consumers the choice will ensure that nobody gets left behind or is disadvantaged.

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