This summer, Keep Me Posted EU campaigners are pleased to welcome BETTER FINANCE as a supporter of the campaign. BETTER FINANCE, is the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users.  It acts as an independent financial expertise centre to the direct benefit of financial services users. Those include individual and small shareholders, fund and retail investors, savers, pension fund participants, life insurance policy holders, borrowers, and other stakeholders who are independent from the financial industry.

“BETTER FINANCE is happy to announce its support for the Keep Me Posted campaign. It is important for European citizens, as users of financial services, to be provided with all the necessary information to ensure their empowerment as consumers” says Guillaume Prache of BETTER FINANCE. “Therefore, should users choose to receive important information in physical format on, for instance, their pension investments, this should be accommodated at no extra cost”. BETTER FINANCE believes that the ‘right of choice’ of consumers should be respected, whilst simultaneously stressing the importance of minimising the environmental impact by handling the dissemination of information responsibly.”
Campaigners appreciate the financial know-how BETTER FINANCE can bring to the campaign, which will also allow us to strengthen our message within communities in Europe.

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