What citizens are saying

We continue to receive feedback from citizens in various countries. Here is what citizens are telling us:

“Everyone should have the right to choose how to get contacted by companies, governments, etc.” – Laure (34) from Italy

“Printed documents allow you to take time to read carefully in a quiet environment your invoices, statements, etc. to manage your finances. My children, who are young adults, share my position also!” – Sylvie (55), UK

“Digital can be helpful in many cases, but I want to have the choice for paper. Digital information on the internet can’t be protected. My privacy is in danger here!” – Rob, the Netherlands

“What especially disturbs me is that the replacement of paper mail by digital means costing me an enormous amount of extra time and hassle. Also I am afraid of cyber crimes, virus attacks and misuse of my personal data.” – Tiddo (63), the Netherlands

“I am waiting for a Keep Me Posted campaign in the Netherlands because the government decide that all tax-related correspondence must be done digitally. Farewell democracy and privacy.” – Ferry (53), the Netherlands

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