Two Austrian campaigns highlight the consumer privacy risks of electronic communications

The campaigns focus on the risk of privacy violations inherent to electronic communications vs. the safety of physical letters.

The Austrian Post has recently launched the ‘Better no letter’ and ‘Schreib-Weise’ campaigns in order to raise consumer awareness about the risks of the increasing use of electronic communication in terms of their privacy and its protection.

While the ‘Better no letter” campaign showcases the possibility of privacy violations unknown to consumers in a witty and humorous way, the ‘Schreib-Weise’ campaign provides background information regarding the issue and focuses on the positive aspects of physical mail and its advantages over electronic communications for both personal and business matters.

Additionally, the ‘Schreib-Weise’ website contains plenty of information on the legal situation in Austria regarding the privacy of correspondence, as well as a guide on the ‘art’ of writing letters itself.

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