Portugal launched a campaign to raise awareness for the right to choose

We are pleased to see CTT Portugal Post, APIGRAF (Portuguese Association of Graphic and Paper Processing Industries) and CELPA (Paper Industry Association) team-up to the launch the campaign “Keep Me Posted – O Direito à Escolha do Cidadão” in Portugal.

CTT Portugal Post, APIGRAF and CELPA have created an informative campaign website www.keepmepostedportugal.pt, which intends to spread the campaign messages supported by facts and specific data. Portuguese citizens are encouraged to support the campaign. In addition to the website, CTT will distribute printed leaflets of the campaign across 519 of their access points spread across the country, to make the initiative known to all citizens.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in Portugal in 2018, 23% of domestic households do not have internet access in 2018. Moreover, in the age group 65 and older, two out of three Portuguese do not use the internet; and in addition, 30% of the unemployed do not use the internet.

“Companies who communicate on a regular basis, are placing a tremendous amount of pressure to ensure that their documents are sent digitally” said João Caboz Santana, CTT’s Institutional Director. This places the citizens, especially those who do not have access to the internet at a disadvantage. Therefore, it is essential to promote to all citizens, their right to an informed choice in order to avoid discrimination and or penalty for those who do not have access to digital means.

Pedro Santos, Vice President of APIGRAF emphasised that “every citizen knows exactly how he or she prefers to consult documents, read texts or check values, and should be able to do so freely, without being subjected to pressure, false environmental arguments or additional charges.”

“Keep Me Posted – O Direito à Escolha do Cidadão in Portugal is linked to the European-wide campaign Keep Me Posted EU, which brings together support from consumer groups and institutions for defending the EU Citizen’s right to choose” Luis Veiga Martins, General Director of CELPA. This campaign joins other international campaigns which promote citizens’ rights and freedom of choice, regarding physical or digital correspondence; such as: the EU institutional campaign, Spain, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, and North America.

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