Norwegian pensioners upset about electronic statements

Pensioners in Norway have been taken by surprise: The employment and welfare office (NAV) has decided to send out financial statements for pensions only electronically. Pensioners stand up against it.

In Norway, one of the countries at the forefront of digital developments, it is quite common to see senior citizens running around with smartphones and earplugs. But in the deeper valleys and remote fjords, this is not yet the case.

In fact, quite a number of people would still like to see on a paper statement how much the welfare office (NAV) has paid them out in order to be able to make their budgets.

As the NAV has stopped sending out paper statements since the beginning of this year – and this independently of whether the beneficiaries were registered for electronic communication or not. Pensioners are standing up against it.

With the support of “Pensionistfjorbundet”, an interest group for pensioners, they printed a postcard for all of their 225.000 members, on which one could sign for receiving their statement by paper. The current minister for employment and welfare can expect to receive a considerable amount of post mail on  her desk beginning of April!

Even if the NAV would agree to go back to send paper statements,pensioners can expect this to be costly. Considering the usual practice in Norway of companies charging extra for their paper bills, pensioners can expect to be charged around 50 Norwegians crowns, or approximately 6 euro, extra for their statements.