Keep Me Posted campaigns joint meeting

On Wednesday 7th December, all campaigns fighting for the consumers and citizen´s right to choose between electronic and physical mail met in Brussels.

An impressive seven campaigns have emerged over the last three years, since Royal Mail´s initial campaign to safeguard the consumer´s right to choose whether he/she wishes to receive important information by post or by email.

The aim of the meeting was to exchange best practice, tips, and experiences, as well as to provide information on how to start a campaign for attendees from potentially interested countries.

The Spanish campaign Yo Decido Como Recibo (“I decide how I receive”) was founded in 2014 and engages in informing Spanish consumers about their right to choose and puts pressure on banks and service providers to comply with this law.

In Austria, the post has focused on promoting letter mail as the safest medium to transmit information and invested in programs to educate about the cultural importance of written communication ( ).

The Belgian campaign Ma Facture-Mon choix (“My Invoice – My Choice”) has based their campaign on a thorough consumer study revealing that most Belgians prefer receiving a paper invoice.

In Slovenia the campaign “Send me a letter” was founded early this year. The focus is on achieveing legal certainty for consumers to have the right to choose.

Denmark that also started a campaign this year raises public awareness about the fact that not all Danes are computer literate and willing to restrict themselves to electronic communication.

The shared amount of measures takes and media used all across Europe was astonishing. Radio broadcasts, videos, television, letter mail campaigns, events and social media have been successfully used by campaigners to get their message across.

During the meeting it became clear that in all present countries, between 66 – 80% of consumers prefer to receive their invoices in paper – a number that is certainly worth sharing!

Keep Me Posted EU is very happy to see all these developments across Europe and is looking forward to even more!