Does this sound like you? New supporters’ testimonials

Since the soft launch of the campaign website, new supporters have been signing-up to back the campaign.  Here’s a small selection of what they have been telling us.

“I have been forced by my mobile phone provider and visa card banker to receive e-invoices! Since then I’ve lost control on those bills. I can’t compare and verify if what they invoice me is correct! Due to these e-invoices I forget to pay and receive expensive fines! I want my paper invoices back to keep my administration well under control.” – Thibault, from Brussels, Belgium

“There should be a right to request a free of charge paper invoice. Deutsche Telecom charge more than EUR 1,20 in case a customer requests to receive a paper invoice and they will mark the paper invoice “copy” as they consider their online invoice to be the original. Other phone provider act the same way. This should not be tolerated.” – Oliver from Neuwied, Germany

Does this sound like you? Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences: