Belgium launches campaign to raise awareness for the right to choose

3 July 2015

We are pleased to see the launch of the Belgian consumer choice campaign – Ma Facture, Mon Choix (My Invoice, My Choice).

According to the Belgian campaign, the law already exists in Belgium that companies should only switch people to electronic bills and statements if they have agreed to the change. The consumer always has the right to refuse electronic invoicing and to request to receive bills on paper. However, in their recent study shows that 8 of 10 Belgian consumers want to be able to freely choose how to receive their bills (on paper or in digital format), but only 6 out of 10 know that this is their choice.

They are not fully aware of this choice and in practice companies do not always abide by the law.

Therefore, to educate the Belgian population, various groups including the Christian, Socialist and Liberal Unions, Test –Achats, Gezinsbond and Eneo, joined forces under the campaign “My invoice, My Choice”, which aims to inform consumers, and calls on all Belgians to makes their voice heard and to take action. They can start by signing up on

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