Andalusia fines Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone three million euros for abusive clauses

According to Spanish news El Pais, the Junta de Andalucía sanctioned last Tuesday, more than three million euros to Telefonica de Espana, Telefónica Móviles España, Vodafone Spain and Orange Espagne for four very serious infractions of the introduction of abusive clauses in their contracts. The last two were fined for violating the requirements of the Administration, said the spokesman of the acting Government, Juan Carlos Blanco, in the press conference after the Governing Council.

This was a result of an inspection campaign to telecommunications services developed by the Board in 2016 and 2017. It was proven that Telefonica imposed e-invoicing on their customers within the terms of their contracts, without having obtained the express consent, and charged 30.25 euros for the restoring suspended services in cases of breach of payment obligations.

Vodafone charged 20 euros in the case of “late payment” or “other charges” in mobile phone bills, while Orange incurred in the improper collection of amounts for concepts such as “billing refund” or “other charges”.  Both entities also imposed electronic invoicing on their contractual terms.

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